Architecture and Interior Design


Our team of qualified and professional architects are ready to assist you.

We take you from concept of your dream home and walk you step-by-step through each room, designing a home that is perfectly designed for you and your family.

We like to take a personal approach, sit-down to a cup of coffee and really understand who you are, how you live, how you entertain and what happens in your day-to-day family life. The homes we design are not just designed to a specification, they are designed to your lifestyle.

Interior Design

Our in-house interior designers work along side our architects to design a home whose flow and function is ideal for each family, with;

  • Option to suit your involvement level
  • From consultation ideas only right to procurement shopping and custom furniture.

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At PSB Architects and Civil engineers, we follow a culture of safety, quality and reliability. The driving force behind PSB Architects and Civil engineers is a core of dedicated hands-on management professional whose experience spans dace’s of major construction projects across Africa.